Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jamie "Crazy Pants" Lidell at Metro 10/08/08

Here's my review of Jamie "Crazy Pants" Lidell's feel-good show last week at Metro. Tall and skinny, Lidell proved that you could wear pajama bottoms onstage and still look cool. If Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse were to have a child, it would look something like Lidell, minus the drugs and drama of the Brit with the beehive. Lidell's one part soul, Motown-esque, and other part electro-funk producer. Because I find his show somewhat indefinable I'll just say it's a retro-future conglomeration you don't want to miss.

Fellow GB contributor Kirstie Shanley did a bang-up job with the photos, check out the one of Lidell singing to Elvis.

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