Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin: Is She For Real?

I love the way Sarah Palin, at the end of her losing the debate to Joe Biden last night, handed her baby to her seven-year-old daughter. She must have been thinking along the lines of: "Now that I'm done (for the moment) exploiting my baby's down syndrome for the sake of the campaign (and burping him for everyone to see), my daughter can take over."

Palin's "performance" last night fused theatrics with politics to the point of ludicrous. I kept waiting for her to say "Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!" Tina Fey does such an accurate portrayal of Palin's ignorance it's difficult now to distinguish between comedy and reality. Perhaps that's the comic genius of Fey that she's captured Palin's desperate attempt to appear as a real politician. Fey does Palin so well; a Quebec newspaper recently confused the two in a recent article.

Another act of Palin's desperation: "I'm so glad you agree with Israel!" she said to Biden last night. This a tactic to distract the audience from her lack of knowledge about Israel, diplomacy in the Middle East and any other issue relating to foreign policy. How can Palin know anything about Israel when she doesn't read newspapers or magazines or any type of news?


Brent said...

She likes Israel because that's where baby Jesus is from.

Marla Seidell said...
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SQLJunkie said...

Im getting tired of watching the fake show being put on by McCain and Palin. But worse is our facination to them! How can any educated, socially aware, hard working American vote for McCain/ Palin is beyond my realm of understanding. These guys have no plan to get us out of trouble that Bush has put us in! the only way they connect to the people is by making statements like "I can see Russia from my Kitchen window so I have foreign experience". But I guess this totally excites the beer-drinking, tobacco chewing, gun-loving Redneck from the midwest. These are the same people who have been hit hardest by Bush's mishandling of economy, yet they continue to support Republicans.

If you look at the recent history of USA, we have always done well when there has been a Democratic president at White House. Yet we want to continue with Bush's flawed visions by electing McCain :(

McCain and Palin have made such lame attempts to reach out to Jews and Israel - I would have been offended by their comments if I were a Jew.

Palin was so fake at the first debate - all her answers to any question was the same - what she had on her index card. And the winks, soccer momish stammer in the speech did nothing to change my mind and vote for her.

I dread the day she becomes Presiding of USA if anything were to happen to McCain.

If there is some supreme being (whoever it is) then I want to see his power now - defeat McCain/ Palin and save us from another 4 years of pain and suffering!

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