Friday, April 4, 2014

In & Out: Doing Zurich in 11 hours

An 11-hour layover in Zurich requires a certain amount of foresight. Martha Stewart's packing tips are helpful, yet slightly irritating. I don't have tissue paper or plastic bags from the cleaner's! Yes, I will search for Zurich restaurants online, but I won't get all Martha Stewart perfect on you.  

Slow travel--taking in one area, slowly--is the way to go. It's much better to explore a neighborhood's  local crevices and customs, as opposed to going hither and dither across town. I plan to hit up Alstadt (Old Town), Zurich's historic and cultural shopping area paved with medieval charm.  

So. I’ve pretty much narrowed it down.

  1. Arrive at the airport. Go through customs and attempt to speak the languge by using a mix-up of broken Dutch and German. Goeidag! I mean Guten Tag. Sorry!
  2. Retrieve luggage.
  3. Change money into francs. Cash is king when you’ve got limited time. Put money in safe place. Okay, Mom!
  4. Store luggage in airport.
  5. Find the trains, and head to the Zurich main train station.
  6. Eat lunch at a funky place called Zeughauskeller. The have ginormous sausages. Yikes! Second choice is a groovy vegetarian place called Tidbits. Either way, I intend to christen the joint by drinking a beer as large as my head. 
  7. Take a nap. I wish! Instead I’ll wander down the cobblestones looking for the perfect café. Drink a coffee, slowly. 
  8. See the sights. Peterskirche has Europe's largest clock face, and Fraumunster houses Chagall windows. I know, I'm starting to sound like Rick Steves. Methinks people watching may prove to be far more riveting. From my days of living in the Netherlands, I know Swiss men are not unlike their Dutch counterparts. They tend to be tall and clean-cut, and conservatively dressed. After so many years off the continent, I do need a refresher course. 
  9. Take train back to airport. Enjoy a glass of wine and caviar (the latter I think not). I am a poor American, after all.
  10. Breathe.
  11. Fly (again). 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chicago Actress Looking for Work!

Currently I'm slated to act in five independent film projects, all which start shooting over the next couple of weeks. I'm always looking for work in print, commercials, film, television, and theater. Here are some recent photos I'm currently submitting to casting agencies. For more info, please check out my acting website at

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Catastrophe: Photo Stills!

Top: Me as Carlie in The Catastrophe.
Bottom: George Christopher Tronsrue as Peter. Me as Carlie. "Be good!"
Makeup and hair, Clara Bow-style, by the talented Tonia Carrier.
Film: written and directed by Michael Glover Smith

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wrapped on The Catastrophe!

My shoot for The Catastrophe took only one day, enough for me to realize that this amazing film's destiny is to become a feature! Written and directed by the talented filmmaker Michael Glover Smith, The Catastrophe is a short film that concerns the plight of the quintessential modern man, cigar salesman Dominicus Pike (played by Peyton Myrick). The film charts Pike's dawning realization that he may have sold his soul to a multinational corporation, which parallels the collapse of his romantic relationship and the discovery of what may be a murder plot. Rife with literary allusions and political undertones, the film is dedicated to imprisoned Iranian filmmakers Mohammad Rasoulof and Jafar Panahi.

I play the role of Carlie, Pike's jaded girlfriend, who grows tired of being put on the back burner while her boyfriend consumes himself with reaching sales goals. Smith envisioned my character to look like the 1920's silent film star Clara Bow, and that's exactly what our incredible stylist Tonia Carrier did! Pictures are coming soon, I promise, but for now, help this film reach its goal of being made into a feature by liking the Facebook page!

Patron at The Playboy Club

I'm excited to report that I'm now working on The Playboy Club TV series. The show stars Amber Heard, Laura Benanti, Eddie Cibrian, and many other glamorous stars. The first episode airs on Monday, September 19, 10/9 Central Time, on NBC. Be sure to watch the show, and for now, enjoy the trailer!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama's Oval Office Live!

Lampoon the System's original sketch comedy show, Obama's Oval Office Live!, written by Jon Pawelko, and directed by Greg Callozzo, ran for four amazing weeks at the Greenhouse Theater. It's now over, but not forgotten! As an ensemble member, I performed in multiple roles with an amazing cast! I am eternally grateful to Jon and Greg for casting me. I learned so much as a performer, and it gave me a taste and appreciation for improv. The cartoon photo above is from the show program.

Chicago artist John Ashton Golden created this awesome cartoon graphic. To see more of his amazing work, click here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Review: Passion

Because eroticism is missing in our culture, I loved reading the uncensored prose in Passion: Erotic Romance for Women. Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, this anthology features 20 short stories written by veteran erotica authors such as Donna George Storey, Jacqueline Applebee, and Suzanne V. Slate.

When I say the book is more erotic than Fast Girls (also reviewed here), I mean it’s more about love and romance and all that good stuff. Fast Girls was about women living out their fantasies with strangers and lovers and becoming renewed through their sexual adventures. Passion is about women deepening their bonds with lovers and husbands, or with strangers. But in each story, love is paramount. Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines eroticism as a state of sexual arousal. Eroticism is love disguised as sex. In my opinion, it's the opposite of porn.

Listen up guys: Passion is the book you should read and give to your woman. You get the Cliff Notes on what women want. And ladies, if Fast Girls was too fast, too hard or too graphic for you, you’ll find Passion a gentler, more romantic read.

What Rachel Kramer Bussel shows through the stories in Passion is how important good sex is for a woman’s well being. What is good sex? In my opinion, good sex is erotic sex, which comes from a place of love and desire, and involves communication and sensitivity to a lover's needs.

One of my favorite stories in Passion is My Dark Knight, written by Jacqueline Applebee. It’s about a “hopeless romantic” in East London who finds her very own black knight in the form of Omar, a café worker who sweeps her off her feet. Through this smutty little story, Applebee addresses issues such as race and cynicism, turning modern day assumptions about the end of romance upside down. “I believe that chivalry still exists, I hope to find quiet nobility in the most random of places, and I believe that people who love each other can live happily ever after,” Applebee writes.

Another juicy story that says so much more than the sex it entails is The Silver Belt by Lana Fox. Here we’re introduced to Maya, a 35-year-old woman who has grown apart from her husband. Although the silver belt he has given her has become a symbol of her entrapment, an encounter with a handsome stranger helps her use the belt to set herself free. “Like arousal itself, he explained, the belt was a burden, but when she yielded to true passion, it released her,” writes Fox.

In Passion, sex is women's gateway to personal freedom and happiness. With “true passion,” women break through their own barriers and those between themselves and men. In Paris, Greece, London and America, the women in Passion live out their sexual desires, inspiring readers to follow in the pursuit of love.

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