Thursday, October 16, 2008

Profile of Edra Soto's Show: The Greatest Companions

I wanted to draw your attention to Edra Soto's homage to Puerto Rican television star Iris Chacon, currently running at Mutherland through October 27. Rarely do you get the chance to see pop culture and art blend together in a post-feminist commentary like this one. Soto reminds us that today's stars pale in comparison to the vivacious, "voluptuous yet powerful" Chacon. Here's a clip that shows Chacon at her best: as queen amongst her subjects -- dancing with her entourage of devoted male dancers. Unlike Latino television shows of today, according to Soto, in which women are merely the sexual pawns of men, Chacon's male dancers revolved around her unabashed sexuality. Interestingly, Soto addresses not only the nostalgic element of sexy, 1980s Chacon (big hair, red lipstick, crazy leotards and bathing suits that showed off a non-stick figure) in the exhibit, but ties in her own fascination and love for animals, which she was inspired to express from the Puerto Rican pop star's she-cat diva quality.

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