Saturday, June 5, 2010

My thoughts on Tony Hayward and his BS

I'm blogging a for a new snarky website called Sage Life. Today I published my first post, a summary of the latest news concerning the BP CEO passing the buck to American Bob Dudley. Here are some excerpts:

Tony Hayward is getting his life back. Forget gallons oil spilling into the Gulf. All that matters is that the BP CEO is safe and sound from the ‘harsh’ words of angry Americans.

In a teleconference with Wall Street analysts, Hayward made another flippant remark, in response to the criticism he’s been receiving: “They’ve thrown some words at me, but I’m a Brit. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” he said. If he’s he’s such a ‘tough Brit,’ why the hell is he passing the buck to an American? Perhaps Hayward suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. You see, it’s really not all about him, or his stupid ‘tough skin.’ It’s about saving the animals and Louisiana industries affected by the crisis.

Free from the fire and responsibility, Tony can go on a holiday, get a massage, or make a long list of callous statements he’s quickly becoming famous for. Oh, and he did make an apology yesterday. Big deal. Louisiana wants action and results, not bullshit.

The post: Tony Gets His Life Back

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