Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ArtSlant review: Andy Moore @ Gallery 400

This week, my review of Andy Moore's exhibition, John's Luv. I loved this hunk of burning love book. The show runs until June 12.

Some excerpts:

Urban life, in all its ugly, beauteous glory, is displayed like a dead animal lying on the side of the road. You don’t want to look-- it’s overwhelming and messy. But you can’t help it. The story sucks you in, and there you are: standing over a long table covered with black-and-white Galaxy Paper, thumbing through a book of paintings and words with white gloves on.

Where does art begin and where does it end? Perhaps art is infinite, like a circle, with beginnings and endings intrinsically interwoven. The book itself is a big, hot mess. In between the corrections and bandaged-up imperfections is a man coming to terms with art and love. Moore shows viewers that art is not out of reach. It is rife with mistakes, with starts and stops and returns and revisions. Art is like life, full of errors and trials, and life is richer when you examine it.

Romance, fear, loneliness and anger are wrapped up into this big book that viewers can spend a lot of time paging through. Moore doesn’t hold back or censor himself, and it’s this honesty that makes John’s Luv worth viewing.

Venue: 400 Gallery
ArtSlant Chicago

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