Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Orange Alert Reading at the Whistler, Sunday, Jan. 17

This Sunday I'll read my short story published in Vol. 2, Issue 3 of Criminal Class Review at the Whistler in Logan Square. The event is hosted by Jason Behrends, creator of Orange Alert Press. Founded by editor-in-chief Kevin Whiteley, Criminal Class Review is one of the most honest literary journals I've come across. As noted on the Criminal Class Press website, the stories and poems published in the journal seek to transcend the gap between song and story. "We are interested in where the "hard luck" songs originated, and the tales from the street which spurned them. Punk rockers, Hooligans, outlaws and the like." Basically, this is Irvine Welsh-esque fiction. Considering the books of my generation-- Trainspotting, American Psycho, Fight Club, High Fidelity and Infinite Jest-- "the delusional, dramatic, and downtrodden stories" found in the Criminal Class Review are right on the mark.

Come out for an evening of "hard luck songs" transferred into raw, candid stories. The reading starts at 6pm at the Whistler, located at 2421 N. Milwaukee. And it's free! Authors include:

M.L. Harold
M. Seidell
Brian Murphy
Kevin Whiteley
Max Glaessner

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